Monday, June 10, 2019

What is Trivyol & how it works?

Trivyol is about getting the information that is not available on the internet or it is out-of-date. Trivyol connects you beyond your regular network to get these kinds of information. For example, if you are going to a new place for vacation in overseas, you can ask for a specific information about that place by creating a photo request and receive visual information. Then travelling or local Trivyol users, will take a photo and send it to you.

In addition to photo, Trivyol has several other features which we’ll talk about in other blog posts. In this post we only focus on the Trivyol terminologies of how to request for a photo (Mission Request), and how to respond to a photo request.

Let’s get started by understanding a few terminologies being used in Trivyol.

Mission Request: These are the requests for photo that users can create in the mobile app or website. The Mission Request could be about “how busy a restaurant is now?”, or “how a location in another country looks like, right now?”.

To submit a Mission Request, you need to tap the location on the map, and then add a description that briefly describes the photo you want. You will also need to specify a reward amount (it could be 0 $ too) and expiry date. Then the request is in the Trivyol system and other users will see and fulfill it. You can create requests in both mobile and website.

Upon successful completion of the Mission Request, the reward amount will be transferred to the user who sent you the photo. The amount will be transferred only if you like the photo and approve it.

Missions: These are all the existing requests already created in the Trivyol system. Once the user submitted the Mission Request, it will appear on Trivyol main page and other users can see and fulfill it (only those can see the mission who are within a specific distance). You can tap on the missions and see the details like missions’ description, reward amount and how far the locations are. You can see all of these details from both mobile app and website. However, you can fulfill the missions only from mobile app as you’ll need to take a photo using your phone.

In order to withdraw your earnings, you will need to create a Stripe account and connect it to your bank account. You can get access to Stripe from the setting in both mobile app and website. This step is very easy and basically just requires you to click on Stripe, add your personal info and bank account info. Second way to get your earnings is to contact Trivyol ( directly and ask to transform your money to your bank account through PayPal. The only condition for this s is to have a minimum of $25 total earning.

Trivyol is about to enable you to have instant visibility around the world. Trivyol has integrated a lot of publicly available cameras that show near real-time images. These are traffic cameras, cameras of the public places etc. We’ll introduce this in our next blog post.

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